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About us
About us

About Mary's Astrology

Something About Mary

With over 30 years of counseling experience, Mary is a seasoned astrologer and tarot reader. Her profound insights and intuitive guidance have made her sessions transformative and, for many, life changing.

Inspired by the night sky, Mary embarked on her journey into astrology, initially self-taught through books, articles, videos, and online courses. Her passion for astrology dominated her world inspiring her to enroll with the American Federation of Astrologers. She then went on to study with Robert Corre at The Forum on Astrology and many other renowned astrologers have contributed to Mary’s education over the years. As a current member of ISAR, she continues to deepen her practice, ensuring to remain current and comprehensive.

Mary’s introduction to tarot was serendipitous. Initially offering a single tarot card as a parting gift to clients, she soon found herself inundated with requests for full tarot readings. Despite her initial reluctance to read tarot professionally, the universe had other plans. Her brother Michael, an antique dealer in London, unexpectedly sent her three exquisite sets of vintage Italian tarot cards. This serendipitous gift ignited Mary’s passion for tarot, deepening her spiritual connection and enhancing her intuitive abilities.

Today, she holds a profound love, respect, and gratitude for tarot, consulting the cards daily, especially when facing tough decisions. Mary purports tarot provides endless enlightenment and never cease to amaze her.

Living in Brooklyn, New York, with her family and beloved dog, Sparky, Mary offers remote sessions to clients globally, delivering the same depth of insight and guidance that have characterized her decades-long practice.

The Process

Chart Readings: Personalized Insight

A natal chart reading is much like going to a doctor. You are required to answer some health questions so your Dr. can make an accurate diagnosis. Mary will ask you a few questions before your appointment. Then she will draw up your chart and analyze it before your consultation. During the analysis Mary will synthesize your natal chart to determine your strengths and challenges. She will then discuss with you that synthesis and answer any questions you may have in your session.
Strategies to move forward
About us
About us
About us

My Mission

Embrace Worth, Unleash Potential

My mission is to help people understand and value their worth. To help them discover their inborn talents and reveal the true potential that lives within their soul.

I want my clients to leave their session feeling confident, corageous, and inspired to create the life they never thought possible.

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