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Shop, 12 Month Forecast

Astrology Consultation

The natal chart reveals your soul’s journey.

Life Purpose Reading

Your natal chart holds the deep secrets of the soul’s evolution.

Solar Return Interpretation, Shop

Solar Return

Each year the Sun returns to the same sign at the exact degree…


Tarot Reading

This one-hour tarot reading will provide a deep understanding of the situation you are going through.

Mary shuffling cards with a gold astrology wheel in the background

Full Monty

The Full Monty is a combination of a natal chart interpretation and a full one-hour tarot reading.

The Star Club Membership, The Star Club Membership (Copy)

The Star Club

Star Club members will have exclusive access to in-depth records of significant astrological events

Gift of tarot with Mary Card blue box with gold ribbon

Gift Card

Give the gift of tarot to a loved one with this gift card for a one hour Tarot reading with Mary.

Astrology gift card blue gift with gold ribbon

Gift Card

 This gift card is perfect for the astrology enthusiasts. Give the gift of self-discovery and cosmic guidance to your loved ones.

Astrology and Tarot gift card

Gift Card

Dive into the realms of astrology and tarot with our exclusive Gift Card! Tailored for the cosmic and mystical seeker.
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