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Everything You Need to Know About Leo

If you were born under the sign of Leo, you were made for the spotlight. Let’s face it; the Sun is your ruling planet. When you walk into a room, there’s a burst of energy so powerful no one can ignore. You most likely have fantastic hair and a unique sense of style.

Represented by the Lion — the king of the jungle- you have an irresistible majestic presence. However, you might shine a little too bright for some people. Some may see you as confident, vibrant, fun, and maybe a bit of a drama queen. Others might view you as egotistical, overpowering, and self-centered.

No matter your profession, you’re highly creative and a natural-born leader, though some might say you are a bit bossy. As a fire sign, you’re excited, passionate, and inspiring with a tendency to overestimate things, yourself included. You’d make an excellent promoter.
You have exceptional organizational skills. The difference between a Virgo and a Leo organizing is to imagine a room with a Virgo’s bed on one side and Leo’s on the other. If asked to organize their room, a Virgo will draw a line down the middle, cleaning and organizing their side only. A Leo, however, will arrange and tidy the whole room without boundaries.

The Sun rules Leo, and as the solar system revolves around the Sun, so too do you expect the world and everyone in it to revolve around you. Therefore, you could be a tad demanding.
Ruled by the heart, you assume everyone loves you, and you’re genuinely shocked to discover otherwise. This sign does not endure criticism, so beware of Leo’s wrath, as they can make fierce adversaries.

As the child of the zodiac, you live in the moment and quickly let go of any ill will. As fast as your temper flares up, it extinguishes just as quickly. Luckily, you are super generous and indiscriminately magnanimous, with an alluring warmth and joy for life. What’s not to love?

Flowers: Sun Flower- for vitality, strength, and positivity. The Marigold– for passion.

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