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Everything You Need to Know About Libra

If you were born under the sign of Libra, you likely have an elegant sense of style. Your appearance is important to you, and I’m sure you’re meticulous about your fashion look.
As a cardinal air sign, you are energetic and cerebral with a great appreciation for art, be it paintings, music, or performances. Others find you irresistibly attractive even if you’re not a classical beauty. With a sophisticated style of communication, your negotiation skills are sublime. You’re not opposed to skillful manipulation to get the desired results. You can charm the socks off anyone! After all, you’re known as the diplomat of the zodiac.

Liba rules over the seventh house of relationships — the first marriage, business partnerships, and open enemies. It is representative of Lawyers, counselors, litigation, and contracts. Because others find you charming, attractive, and compelling, there may be a string of relationships in your wake. Let’s face it; you don’t like to be untethered.

Represented by the scales for balance and justice, you constantly strive for balance and harmony. You are loyal to the truth with a keen sense of right and wrong, and you judge situations and others as such, no matter how good or close a friend may be. As a result, you might disappoint friends prompting them to question your loyalty. In your defense, you see all angles and will always air on the side of justice. Unsurprisingly, Saturn is exalted in Libra—the ultimate judge and jury.

Ruling Planet

Venus, your ruling planet, represents beauty, finance, relationships, harmony, and peace, so you make a perfect mediator. As always, how strongly the traits and symbolism mentioned above apply to you depends on where Venus (your ruling planet) is placed in your natal chart and in which sign.

Flowers: The rose for Love, beauty, and passion. The daffodil for rebirth, inspiration, and vanity.

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