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Everything You Need to Know About Sagittarius

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, you likely love to travel and explore new cultures. You may be somewhat restless while seeking your next adventure.

You are the last fire sign of the zodiac, which makes you more tempered than Leo and Aries, though just as enthusiastic.

With big ideas and dreams, you are willing to explore novel enterprises and take risks, though you may aim for things out of reach. After all, the symbol for Sagittarius is the archer with the arrow pointing upward. It represents higher frequencies and lofty ambitions.

You have the uncanny ability to make everything you do fun and exciting, attracting others with your entertaining personality and great sense of humor.

A profound sense of faith and passion within compels you to seek new and novel experiences. For the most part, life is an exciting adventure. The bigger picture is your viewpoint, so details may elude you, and following through might not be your strong point.

Your opinions are plentiful, and you love to share them with others, though some may not appreciate your forthright approach. You believe people deserve the truth, but your directness often offends. Thankfully, your pleasant disposition makes it easy for others to forgive.

In relationships, you need to feel free to explore whatever inspires you at a moment’s notice. No one is powerful enough to inhibit you or pin you down. Should someone try, you’ll break free and run for the hills.

The abundant benevolent planet Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, also known as the planet of expansion. Jupiter’s influence may cause you to exaggerate, overindulge, or be overly optimistic. Of course, how this plays out for you is determined by where Jupiter is placed in your chart and in which sign.

Flowers associated with Sagittarius are the Peony for honor and abundance. The Carnation which represents good luck and pure love.

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