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Everything You Need to Know About Scorpio

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you are likely private and secretive about yourself and your loved ones. Friends may think they know you, but it takes years to really know a Scorpio.

You may sit in the back of the room, eying people up and observing their body language. You find what people don’t say just as important as what they do say. No matter where you are in the room, you are noticed. Others are either intrigued or intimidated by you. Typically, you’re an excellent judge of character.

Shallow relationships are of no interest to you. Only deep and meaningful connections hold your attention. Your proclivity to see through the facade many people put forward makes you discern who you allow in your inner circle. But once they’re in, you’re fiercely loyal. Meanwhile, you look for dependability and loyalty in a partner and friendship.

Highly sensitive, Scorpios are easily slighted and wounded by how or what others say to them. You might inadvertently hurt their feelings yet never know it. When Scorpio is offended, they will disappear without explanation. They retreat and plan your vitriolic demise. However, they rarely act on it but will hold onto resentment toward you for an eternity.

Do not threaten a Scorpio or their loved ones because, just like the Scorpion’s sting, they will fiercely defend what and who they love — rest assured, it will be painful.

Trip Plans

Consider yourself lucky if your Scorpion friend plans a  trip with you. You are guaranteed to have smooth and seamless travel plans with a detailed action-packed itinerary. They will prepare for every contingency with nothing left to chance.

Scorpio’s ruling planets are Pluto and Mars. Pluto exposes corruption and reveals the truth, ruling over the underworld, oil (earth’s blood), and sewage. Pluto will dig deep to uncover the truth. It is why Scorpios are considered the detectives of the zodiac. They research relentlessly to find the real story, truth, or deal, and they don’t mind getting their hands dirty in the process.

Flowers: Chrysanthemum for fidelity and optimism. Geranium for good health and friendship. The Rodedendrum for beauty and energy.

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