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Everything You Need to Know About Virgo

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, you are most likely reserved when meeting others for the first time or in a group setting. To others, you may even appear standoffish. Instead, you are observing and analyzing the company and situation. After all, the keyword for Virgo is analyze.

As the social worker of the zodiac, you want to help everyone be the best they can be, but to do that; you must first identify the problem. Unfortunately, others may consider you critical and nit-picking. In your view, however, you are just pointing out how they can improve. Unlike Cancer, who also loves to help others, you don’t get emotionally attached and will exit as soon as you’ve done your duty.

Your quest for knowledge is insatiable, prompting many questions of others that might irritate them. With analysis in overdrive, most of the time, you’re prone to suffer from stress and angst. Not surprisingly, Virgo rules the nervous system.

Virgo rules the sixth house of daily routine, service, and wellness or sickness. Some Virgos are prone to hypochondria. My sister, for example, is a Virgo, and she has a diagnosis for every part of her body. It’s pretty funny; luckily, she has a great sense of humor. Often Virgos are self-effacing and self-critical in a humorous way.

Essential Part of Survival Kit

Most Virgos consider labels an essential part of their survival kit. They are known as organizers and meticulous record keepers with attention to detail, Though some messy Virgos are out there. Mercury rules over and is considered exalted in Virgo. So, see where Mercury is placed in your chart and in which sign because it will influence how strong the traits mentioned above are for you.

Virgos are all about service to others. They are practical intellects, and their attention to detail is renowned, leading to careers such as research, concierge services, event planners, nursing, healers, medical staff, teachers, and social work.

When appreciated and respected, a Virgo is kind-hearted and will go to any lengths to be helpful.

Flowers: Morning Glory represents strength in the face of adversity, and the Chrysanthemum for friendship, happiness, and wellbeing

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