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New Moon in Libra: Strive for Balance But Use Diplomacy to Avoid Conflict

The New Moon is happening in the sign of Libra on October 6, 2021, @ 7:05 am EDT. Please adjust the time for your part of the world. We will feel the impact of this New Moon for quite a while both before and after.

As many of you may know, a New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are together (conjunct) in the sky. It is the start of the Moon’s cycle when the Moon is at its darkest. New Moons represent new beginnings.

Let’s talk about Libra

Libra is about balance, peace, and relationships. It also represents the Law; after all, its symbol is the scales of justice. And relative to that, Libra determines how you interact, debate, or argue with others. Ultimately, Libra is the diplomat and will always attempt to bring peace to the situation.

Although Libra is considered a male sign, it is ruled by the feminine planet Venus, giving a broader understanding of any situation. All angles are considered by Libra, which can sometimes be difficult for making firm decisions because Libra wants to be fair and just. In addition, Libra is a cardinal sign and therefore goal-oriented. So, setting an intention at the New Moon will boost your chance of success.

Interestingly, there is a stellium of planets in Libra at the time of this New Moon: the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury. A stellium is four or more planets in the same sign. Having a stellium of planets in your natal chart can have a dominant impact on life’s events. Of course, how that will impact you depends on the houses and planets involved.

The pace is picking up

The New Moon is @ 13 degrees of Libra. The number 13 is powerful and in numerology 13 is reduced to four, 1 + 3 = 4. Think of the number four as the legs supporting a table, they provide stability and a foundation. Mars is also at 13 degrees of Libra, which significantly increases the power of this New Moon. The three planets will act as a stable foundation to launch something brand new!

Having Mars next to the new Moon is akin to the outboard on a speed boat — it is the power pushing this new Moon forward. It will speed things up pretty quickly, and as mentioned above, Libra is a cardinal sign meaning that it’s already energized and goal-oriented. With that in mind, I highly recommend setting a New Moon intention. Libra will give you the impetus to reach any goal you set, especially with Mars trailblazing you forward.

Possible arguments and disagreements are likely

Be warned that arguments and disagreements are likely. It is essential to listen and resist the impulse to react rather than respond because things could get messy. But with Libra dominating this New Moon, things will undoubtedly get sorted once all parties involved come to the table. With any conflict resolution air on the side of caution because Mercury retrograde will help to give you pause but might also be the source of misunderstandings. Remember that it’s more important to listen than to be heard and choose your battles carefully. For tips on surviving Mercury retrograde check out this blog post:

Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde Revisited

Confident and adventurous

Venus is profoundly influential during this New Moon and beyond. Most people will have experienced a shift in perception as Venus traveled through Scorpio interacting with some significant players in the outer planets. That said, as Venus moves into Sagittarius on Thursday morning, you are likely to feel more confidant, free to be yourself, and up for an adventure.

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Many of you will have gone through a transformation with a total change in how you view your role in life. You might find yourself ready to move forward with something you’ve been working on for a while. It could be that you have struggled trying other ventures of late, perhaps because of the pressure from others, but now with a feeling of purpose, you have the inner power to be the person you KNOW you were meant to be. It’s like you’ve shed the skin of the past propelled by a newfound inspiration and determination to proceed no matter how challenging the road ahead looks.

Pluto with Eris will bring intensity but with purpose

On the same day as the New Moon, Pluto slows to a halt, ready to go direct. The intensity of Pluto will play out in relationships, especially as Eris is in an exact square to Pluto. Keep in mind, Pluto is about power, dominance, and transformation. Eris is the street fighter, but this time it’s with purpose. Again, it depends on where these planets land in your natal chart as to how they will play out in your life. We could see more demonstrations and protests in the streets against governmental control on a global level. If you’d like to know more about this planetary interaction, check out the Full Moon in Pisces blog post.

Insecurities may come out to play

The good news is that Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury will move direct in October. So, it will feel like things are happening with lightning speed.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is opposite the New Moon. So, it could draw you back into old fears and insecurities. However, Chiron is retrograde, so there’s more of a refection. Plus, the power backing this New Moon will give you the confidence to break free and perhaps not care so much about what others think. Even though some insecurities and fears might surface, you will have the self-awareness and stamina to rise above and leave them in the past where they belong.

The takeaway

This New Moon will give you the feeling of being called to do what feels right for you. What are you saying yes to? The timing is perfect for taking a risk and moving forward with whatever you have been working on or contemplating for a while. Everything in the sky is aligning for a new beginning.

Remember to resist the urge to react and be aware of your triggers. Do your best to listen rather than talk and choose your battles wisely. If you must argue, use diplomacy and be kind.

Clarity is front and center enabling you to see a path forward, though it may still be unclear where it leads. Consider visualizing where you want to be six months from now and set an intention—write it down for clarity because the celestial energies will boost your chances of success.

Watch out for my next article on the Full Moon Aries.


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