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New Moon in Virgo: Dynamic Forces For Change

The New Moon happens on September 6, 2021, at 8:52 pm. As many of you may know, a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are together (conjunct) in the sky. It is when the Moon is at its darkest. It occurs in the sign of Virgo @ 14 degrees and 38 minutes. New Moons represent new beginnings. But, this is no ordinary New Moon. It promises to be a powerful event. This blog will delve into the New Moon in Virgo and explore the dynamic forces for change in the celestial sky. We will take a deep dive into the planets, their connections to each other, and how this will impact our lives.

Let’s break it down

First, let’s look at Virgo, the perfectionist. Virgo is about analyzing and looking at the details. They are the social workers of the zodiac. Virgo wants everyone and everything to be the best. But, as with all earth signs, Virgo is practical and loves to solve problems. It is constantly evaluating the cost in terms of efficiency. So, this New Moon will be about removing deadwood. It is about how to move forward more efficiently and less burdened. With that in mind, consider asking yourself these helpful questions:

  • What brings me joy or feeds my soul?
  • What do I value?
  • What, where, or who does not contribute to my happiness?
  • What do I need to change?
  • What or who needs to go?
  • How can I tweak or improve the outcome of what I’m doing?

Sometimes we outgrow relationships, business associates, jobs, homes, or habits. That is just a fact of life. Nevertheless, we get in trouble when we stay past the expiration date. This New Moon is an opportunity to check that date and release what has outstayed its welcome.

What is supporting this New Moon in Virgo?

The electrifying planet of Uranus will surprise and shock you. Uranus is sending a harmonious beam (trine) of energy to the New Moon. So, you’re likely to get a pleasant surprise as opposed to a nasty shock.

Traveling through the sign of Taurus, Uranus will energize the New Moon in awesome ways. It could be by way of an idea or suddenly knowing what you want to do and which direction to go. The link Uranus has to the new moon will bring fast, novel, and brilliant changes. It will illuminate your path forward.

Of course, it depends on where this lands in your natal chart. It may be in the form of a new love interest, perhaps a new job offer, a promotion or raise, meeting new friends, or a new home. Check to see where 14 degrees of Taurus and 14 degrees of Virgo land in your chart. If you have a hard time understanding what I just mentioned, consult an astrologer. They will explain how you will be affected during this celestial event.

What else is happening?

Quite a lot is going on during this New Moon. Our personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Notably, every personal planet is connected to an outer planet at the New Moon. This is a pretty rare and significant occurrence. Here are the planetary connections happening at this New Moon:

  • Uranus trine Sun and Moon (New Moon)
  • Mars opposite Neptune
  • Mars trine Pluto
  • Mercury opposite Chiron
  • Mercury trine Saturn
  • Mercury trine North Node
  • Venus square Pluto
  • Venus trine Jupiter

Getting off track and losing time

Mars is just a little ahead of the Sun and Moon in Virgo. Mars is the warrior, the defender, the agitator. Often impulsive, he runs head-on to potentially dangerous situations. Mars wants to move, exercise, eat healthily, and take care of responsibilities. Now with Mars opposite Neptune in Pisces, it’s like a tug-of-war, but in this case, Neptune has the upper hand. Neptune disintegrates and breaks things down. Whereas Mars wants to get things done, Neptune will confuse him and impede his progress.

On the positive side, there may be a raging storm within you caused by the frustration of Mars. But Neptune will defuse that frustration and stop it from coming out inappropriately.

Dreamy Neptune can lead you off track into a daydream. You are likely to lose track of time. It might be a triggered memory that causes pain and overwhelming emotions. In which case, resist the urge to run from the feelings. Instead, feel the pain and go through emotions, but don’t let them drown you in sorrow. Let’s take a closer look at Neptune to understand the dynamics of this interaction with Mars.

Understanding the depths of Neptune

Neptune is a massive gaseous blue ice planet. With the fastest winds measured in the universe, the storms on Neptune are mind-boggling. They can reach up to 1,200 mph changing direction without losing a beat. Interestingly, a phenomenon called dark storms has been discovered on Neptune. They’re observed and tracked using the Hubble telescope. Dark storms are voracious and can last for years.

In astrology, Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus. On a high frequency, Neptune is idealistic, empathetic, visionary, creative, and illusionary. Neptune appreciates music, dance, and the performing arts.

Yet, like all planets, Neptune has a shadow side. It can foster delusion, deception, confusion, and indulgence. It can also cultivate suffering in an overly sensitive person. Thus, the voracious winds on Neptune can skew your vision, especially if you’re caught up in a black storm! If any of this symbolism resonates with you, Neptune most likely has a strong influence on your chart.

The power to transform

Pluto is the destroyer and also the giver of life. When I think of Pluto, I’m reminded of mycelium, the web under the forest connecting all plants and trees. Mycelium is fungi that break down dead matter. The nutrients from that matter go back into the soil–the cycle of life. Out of that disintegration springs new life.

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld. He reveals the unknown bringing it into the light. Secrets may come out. And as a result, people or situations may be transformed by the experience.

Pluto will give Mars the power to change a situation or behavior. Keep in mind, Virgo is about details. It’s about progressing in small increments. Remember, Pluto makes tiny things significant, like viruses, for example. So, with Pluto’s power behind him, Mars could make huge strides by tackling one small task at a time.

Consider making to-do lists and allow this divine force to help you complete them. Let’s face it, Virgo loves to be busy. So, celebrate each step you take, no matter how small it may seem. Pretty soon, significant changes will occur.

Where do you need to heal?

Mercury is the planet of communication, writing, thinking, social media, and local transport. Chiron is the centaur known as the wounded healer. Centaurs were human from the waist up with a horse’s body. They were notoriously violent and lustful. But Chiron, unlike other centaurs, was primarily human with only two equine back legs. As a matter of fact, he often wore clothes.

Also, Chiron’s disposition was calmer and restrained. He used his instinctual passion and feistiness to focus his energy on healing others. Still, with all his training and healing talent, he couldn’t heal his own wound.

Where Chiron lands in your chart symbolizes the area of life where you have suffered. But it also means that you will heal over the course of your lifetime.

The opposition of Mercury and Chiron could play out by saying something in the wrong way. Or, it could be that you post something on social media that causes a heated debate with others. You could say or write something that, in your mind, it’s obvious and innocuous. But others may misunderstand or even take offense. Again, how this opposition plays out depends on where Chiron is in your natal chart.

There’s one other significant thing I’d like to mention here. Mercury will go retrograde on September 27, @ 25 degrees of Libra, where Venus is now. It will travel back to 10 degrees (where it is now) of Libra when it stations direct on October 18. In other words, Mercury will activate 27 and 10 degrees of Libra. So, whatever is going on for you now will likely be a continuing theme until late October.

Inspiration to take the right path

Mercury is in Libra, Saturn is in Aquarius, and the North Node is in Gemini. This is forming a grand trine in the element of air. A trine is a harmonious interaction between two planets. And a grand trine forms a triangle in the chart between three points. Air represents the intellect, inspiration, ideas, and how we communicate.

This grand trine in air will be the inspiration and catalyst for change. The north node is the direction to work toward. Saturn will provide the discipline and focus on achieving any inspirational ideas from Mercury. When your path is revealed at the New Moon, these three will push you in the right direction.

Where do you give your power away?

Venus is diplomatic and sophisticated in Libra. Although Pluto is in a challenging square to Venus, it could create motivation. As Venus is all about relationships, the tension could be a power struggle with someone. Ask yourself:

  • Where do I give away my power?
  • Do I exert control and manipulation over others?

You will reach a point where you can no longer put up with controlling people. Or maybe others will no longer tolerate your controlling behavior. Whatever the case may be, the relationship will transform you somehow, preparing you for the next chapter of life.

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Relationship dynamics could be an ongoing theme. It might be a while before things are completely resolved.

On the positive side, Venus is in a harmonic link to Jupiter. As they are both benefic planets, this link will soften Venus’s tension with Pluto, making it easier.

My final thoughts

There may be difficulties and even disappointments. Remember, operating at a higher frequency will help you through the storms. Then you can appreciate the rainbows on the other side. Changes are inevitable, and that sometimes means a shakeup. So, do your part and let go of the results.

It’s essential to sit with the feelings but don’t allow yourself to wallow in them. Consider meditation as a practice. It will help with patience and tolerance while raising your frequency.

There is so much energy and information bombarding us at the new moon. I mean, look at the dynamic energies coming in through planet interactions. Compare it to an orchestra when each musician warms up their instrument at the same time. This New Moon is a cacophony of energy.


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