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The Second Half of July is Dynamic and Transformative

The Second Half of July is Dynamic and Transformative

Image by ElinaElena from Pixabay

This article will address the dynamic and possible volatile energies in the second half of July that can prove transformative. Here is a list of the upcoming astrological events to give you a little perspective on the sheer volume. 

We start with the New Moon in Cancer on the 17th, with Pluto in opposition. At the same time, Mars opposes Saturn, and Jupiter is square to Mercury. Plus, Neptune is trine to the New Moon.

On July 18, the nodes change signs from Scorpio and Taurus — water and earth to Aries and Libra, Fire and Air — from fixed to cardinal energy in a T-square to Saturn.

On the 20th, there are two significant astrological events. Mars opposes Saturn, and the Sun trines Neptune. On the 21st, the Sun Opposes Pluto, and on the 22nd, Venus moves retrograde in Leo. On the 23rd, Mercury is square to Uranus. And, on the 27th, Mercury is conjunct Venus. We are talking about BIG astrology in July.


New beginnings that can transform.

You may know that a new moon is when the Sun and the Moon are together. It is when the Moon begins its cycle and, during the next two weeks, will wax (get brighter) until the Full Moon when it reflects the Sun’s full illumination. The New Moon is dark, therefore, full of potential, so doing a new Moon ritual is helpful. I offer New and Full Moon rituals and meditations for my Star Club members. If interested, you can join the Star Club membership on my site

The New Moon in Cancer on the 17th is asking us to feel. Cancer is about feelings. Besides, the key phrase for Cancer is “I feel.” All water signs are about feelings, intuition, and emotions. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, so this New Moon is about creative inspiration to accomplish goals that will transform your life. There’s an urgency in the air, but prepare for delays. Divine timing is at play, so patience is crucial.

Pluto, opposite the New Moon, brings the necessity for change. It reveals things, people, or situations that don’t serve you. You may need to change how you relate to others or situations. Pluto and this New Moon allow you to transform behaviors or habits that no longer work. It may force you to feel something you’ve been avoiding. Look at where those changes need to occur and plan a path forward. The cosmos is supporting that change.


The Creative Turbo Engine.

Neptune is the creative turbo engine behind the new Moon, propelling your imagination to higher realms. You may get lost in daydreams and receive poignant messages while sleeping. Keep a pen and paper beside your bed to write your dreams down before you forget. In contrast, Neptune may induce apathy or hopelessness if you find yourself in a stressful situation. The key is switching your perspective to focus on what is going right. Remember, whatever you focus on expands. Abraham channeled through Esther Hicks, always says in the law of attraction teachings, “Reach for a better feeling thought.”


A boost of energy the day after.

The lunar nodes are important points in your chart. If the chart doesn’t show the south node, assume it is opposite the north node. The North node is the collective — the path forward. It represents the future. Over the last few years, Astrologers have been writing more about the nodes and their significance in the natal chart. They move clockwise in a chart; therefore, they’re retrograde in motion pending about 18 months in a sign. There’s a significant energy shift when they change signs.

On the 18th, the nodes go from fixed Water and Earth — Scorpio and Taurus to Cardinal Fire, Air — Aries, and Libra. Many will feel a boost of energy. Remember, the New Moon is cardinal energy, and Pluto is opposite in cardinal Capricorn. With all that cardinal energy, there’s an urgency to set goals and accomplish them as quickly as possible. 

Where things felt stuck and slow in Scorpio and Taurus, we see new possibilities and energies start to move forward in Aries and Libra. But there’s a caveat: the T-square to Pluto will activate the Solar Eclipse we had on April 20. Did anything of significance come up for you in April? If so, this could spur a resurgence of that situation. 

Whatever the case may be, it is a marker for us to change how we operate. See where 29 degrees of the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn land in your chart because these areas of your life are affected.

To get a free birth chart,  go to my site. Scroll down on the home page and enter your information. If you sign up for Mary’s Cosmic Circle, you will get a free PDF of where the houses are located in the birth chart and what they mean.


Air on the side of patience when frustrated.

July 20, 2023, is a big astrological day. The Mars and Saturn opposition is exact, plus the Sun opposes Pluto. Pluto is at 29 degrees of Capricorn. I’ll write an article on Pluto in detail shortly.


Even though the opposition between Mars and Saturn is exact on the 20th, we feel this energy during the new Moon and after the 20th. It is like wanting and needing to do things quickly (Mars) but being blocked or restricted in some way from progressing. (Saturn). It can play out as outrage, road rage, spontaneous arguments, and frustration.

I can control my reactions much better, knowing these feelings are likely. Awareness allows me to relax in the energy rhythm as an observer and, most importantly, not take things personally. This is what co-creating with cosmic energy is about and why astrology can be so helpful.


Chaos and turmoil will ultimately empower.

On the 21st, the Sun opposes Pluto. It takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the Sun. Think about that for a moment — no one alive has experienced Pluto’s energy in Aquarius. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in the 1700s!

Pluto moved into Aquarius for the first time since the 1700s on March 24. It will move back into Capricorn several times until its final ingress on November 20, 2024. Pluto will stay in Aquarius for the next 20 years. Interestingly, as Pluto travels back and forth, we see the last-ditch efforts from the ruling powers to clamp down on controlling the masses. 

Specifically, the supreme court overturned Roe vs. Wade, denying a woman’s right to abortion. The supreme court ruling overturning LGBTQ rights, allowing businesses to refuse services for same-sex weddings. The divisive propaganda around vaccines and mandatory lockdowns. French President Emmanuel Macron banned protests and threatened to cut off social media — violent riots ensued and continue all over France. The attempt to ban TikTok — and the uproar that changed the talking points. There are too many examples to cite, but civil rights are being rolled back as the old order desperately hangs on to its power.

Capricorn represents government, control, and big corporations. Pluto is power, manipulation, control, death, and transformation. As Pluto traverses through a sign, it reveals secrets, deceit, and corruption, especially toward the end of its journey. Lots of shocking intelligence about politicians, government officials, the famous, and the ultra-rich has leaked into the public domain. The masses are outraged by lies, corruption, deceit, and propaganda from all sides. As a result, they are gathering in unprecedented numbers to protest. There have never been so many civil disruptions around the globe.

Ask yourself, where is my struggle? Am I trying to control someone or a situation, or is someone controlling or manipulating me?


Financial fluctuations are likely while Venus retrogrades.

Venus moves retrograde in Leo on July 22 and will remain so until September 3. Twelve minutes after Venus retrogrades, the Sun moves from Cancer into Leo.

Before a planet goes retrograde, it slows down, much like a massive tanker on the ocean. While its speed slows, its symbolism amplifies.
Venus is about beauty, art, love, performance, relationships, finance, harmony, and luxury. In retrograde, Venus is self-reflective. She is searching for validation within. She encourages you to find your center of confidence and self-love. All retrogrades are about reflection, and Venus is no exception.

Look at your spending patterns and where they might improve. Delve deep inside to look at how you value yourself and others. Use affirmations to enhance your self-worth. Observe your internal dialogue and make necessary adjustments.

There may be fluctuations in your cash flow, and relationships can seem challenging. If you’re in a committed relationship, one of you might withdraw. Resist the urge to resolve significant relationship issues. Instead, work on yourself. How are you relating to others and they to you? When you change, everything around you changes, including people.

Often, buyer’s remorse is predisposed during Venus retrograde, so resist the temptation to purchase big-ticket luxury items. Consider curbing your spending and postponing investment in new enterprises until after September 3, when Venus goes direct. 

On the 27th, Venus joins Mercury in Leo. There’s a propensity for lofty exaggerations of your resources and self-importance. Meanwhile, try not to be overly generous with others or overindulge. 

This retrograde is the gateway to the Venus Star Point in Leo on August 13, which I’ll detail in a follow-up article.


Fixed opinions and ideas with a pinch of irreverence

Mercury is the fastest-moving planet. In Leo, Mercury sees the bigger picture. Spurred by Mercury’s challenge to Uranus, your mind races with many ideas and concepts, but details may elude you. It may be irritating to consider others’ opinions during this transit. Your mind’s focus is likely on fairness and inequality, and you’re up for a self-righteous and condescending debate. Words pop out of mouths without warning or consideration. Try hitting the pause button before speaking, as others may easily take offense.


Final words

We will encounter surges forward with some challenges and setbacks in the second half of July. Despite the dynamic and juxtaposed energies, there’s a real opportunity to rise above and transform our path forward. 

Awareness can prepare us to accept situations that may arise and handle them constructively. My solution is to meditate and connect to Source energy. Align with your higher self through art, writing, singing, listening to music, or anything that brings you joy and raises your frequency. Choose love and surrender to the cosmic force that surrounds us.


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