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April’s Astrological Events Shape Our Future

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The Impact of Eclipses

A notable celestial event of April was the great American solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th, stirring a call to action within us. Reflecting on the lunar eclipse in Libra last October, which stands opposite Aries, prompts us to consider what surfaced during these six months. Additionally, on April 20th, a rare event took place: the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

Eclipses serve as awakenings, drawing our attention to matters requiring focus. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction marks the conclusion of a 14-year cycle and the inception of another. Occurring every 14 years, the significance of this conjunction, particularly in Taurus, is profound, as it last transpired in 1941. So this is a once-in-a-lift-time event.

Understanding the Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction

Uranus, the maverick planet associated with upheaval and innovation, disrupts existing structures, while Jupiter brings meaning and expansion, symbolizing fortune and higher purpose. In the wake of chaos, we’re urged to discern what remains salvageable and what warrants abandonment. This juncture invites introspection into outdated paradigms and coping mechanisms, urging us to shed what no longer serves us going forward.

The Potency of the Full Moon in Scorpio

On April 23rd, the full moon in Scorpio amplifies the healing process, coinciding with Mercury’s direct station on April 25th. This celestial alignment illuminates the tension between practical Taurus and intense Scorpio emotional energies, fostering a transformative inspiration. The T-square to Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler, prompts uncomfortable yet cathartic experiences, paving the path for profound personal evolution. 

Navigating the Full Moon Ritual

For guidance on harnessing the energy of the Scorpio full moon, check out my Instagram @marys4cast for a live session on insights and a full moon ritual. Remember, the energetic influence persists beyond the full moon, allowing for ritualistic practices up to a week afterward.

Reflecting on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury’s direct motion on April 25th brings relief following a challenging retrograde period marked by delays and introspective lessons. Paired with Chiron’s influence, the wounded healer, this retrograde provided ample opportunities for growth amidst adversity. Share your Mercury retrograde anecdotes—let’s learn from each other’s experiences.

With these astrological insights, we navigate April’s celestial landscape with mindfulness and resilience, embracing the transformative potential within.

In conclusion

We are at a crossroads. Some will choose to stay in their old paradigms out of fear, while others will embark on the journey of self-discovery and healing. Put your fear aside and do the work, for the rewards are transcendent. Take this opportunity to advance and raise your frequency to attract what you desire.



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