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Full Moon in Pisces: Feelings and Transformations

Two weeks ago, the New Moon in Virgo set the stage for this beautiful Full Moon in the water sign of Pisces. So, whatever came up for you at the new Moon is culminating, or at least, a phase or chapter is ending. This Full Moon is happening in the water sign of Pisces on September 20, 2021, @ 7:55 pm EDT. Please adjust the time to your location.

As you may know, the full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. The Moon has no light of its own, so it is reliant upon the Sun for illumination. It is the peak of the Moon’s cycle. Full moons are indicative of endings and completions. As always, it depends on where this full Moon lands in your natal chart as to how it will affect your life. This article will explore what that means for you in general and look at the other celestial influences at play.

Ultra sensitivity

Pisces is a water sign and therefore rules over our emotions and feelings. Fair warning, Pisces is super sensitive and easily slighted. So, observe your feelings. If you feel slighted by someone, understand that Pisces energy is at play and ask yourself:

  • Does this incident warrant these wounded feelings?
  • Is there a deeper issue going on here?
  • What triggered these emotions?

Some relationships are worth salvaging, so sharing how the person’s actions made you feel could be helpful. However, sometimes it’s best to let some people fade into the distance.

Interestingly, the full Moon is @ 28 degrees and 14 minutes of Pisces. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, and this Full Moon is almost at the last degree of Pisces (29 degrees), so there’s even more significance to the ending of something — a relationship, job, home, school, or some other significant phase of your life.

Pisceans often appear aloof because their feet are on the ground, but their heads are in other realms. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, has a tremendous influence over this full Moon as it travels alongside. Neptune has two sides; on the lower frequency, Neptune is deceptive, delusional, and causes disappointment. But on a higher frequency, Neptune is visionary, empathic, intuitive, creative, and spiritual. Choose a higher vibrational thought and action to activate Neptune’s higher frequency.

Meditate don’t medicate

There’s never been a better time to meditate. The urge to escape wounded emotions and tensions will be alluring. Though, resist the impulse to self-medicate. Neptune’s influence could lead to overindulgence or even addiction. (One of Neptune’s lower frequencies is escapism and addiction). Consider signing up for a mediation class or watch one of the many thousands of free guided meditations on youtube.

It’s important to understand that you are not your thoughts. Observing your thought process will separate you from the stream of unconscious beliefs that can trigger unhelpful emotions.

The bad girl and boy are slow dancing

Eris is the Goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. She is on the cusp of the Fullmoon’s ascendant, Aries. Eris was the only Goddess not invited to Peleus and Thetis’ wedding because of her disagreeable nature. Outraged, she crashed the wedding and, when refused entry, rolled an apple marked with “To the fairest.” into the group of goddesses. Aphrodite. Athena and Hera laid claim to the apple, instigating rivalry and trouble that ultimately led to the trojan war. It’s why Eris is known as the bad girl of the galaxy.

The bad boy, Pluto, has been slow dancing with Eris since December 20, when they formed a square aspect. Eris stirs things up, and Pluto comes in to transform the situation. These two planets move at a languid pace. It takes Eris 550 years to complete her elliptical orbit around the Sun, and Pluto takes 184 years. So, we can expect to feel their influence for some time. Where Eris instigates discord, Pluto will destroy, and through that destruction, a transformation will occur. Naughtiness prevails! Whether a relationship, career, home, political stance, or some other endeavor, you have an opportunity to rebuild and start afresh.

Slowing down to reflect

There are five planets retrograde at the Fullmoon: Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto. Mercury joins them on September 27, going direct on October 18, 2021.

It’s no surprise that it feels like Mercury has been retrograde for EVER! It feels like walking through molasses. When a planet goes retrograde, its symbolism is introverted. I think some of the challenging relationships between the planets right now have been mitigated by the retrogrades. It allows for a pause before impulsive action, enabling us to reflect on the best course of action or response.

Higher frequencies aligning

During this full Moon, Jupiter and Mercury are having a wonderful conversation. Jupiter is the happy planet that brings joy and abundance, and Mercury is the ingenious planet that brings messages and brilliant ideas. As this is a harmonious interaction, you can expect good news or inspiration. It is creative energy for writing, painting, performing, or some other artistic venture. If you’ve been contemplating a creative project, don’t put it off any longer — go for it!

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The fight goes on

Mars is a soldier and loves to fight others. But Mars is in Libra wants to fight FOR others. With the Sun next to Mars, he’s feeling energized, and with Neptune opposite, there’s likely to be civil unrest with protests and possible acts of idealism. This aspect could play out in getting involved in a cause worth fighting for or standing up for someone who needs an advocate.

My final thoughts

Much like the New Moon in Virgo two weeks ago, there are many conflicting energies at play. Whatever originated at the new Moon is likely to conclude at this full Moon. Even if a relationship hasn’t ended physically, it’s over for you and there’s no going back. Speaking your truth will empower you, whatever it is you’re ending. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the equinox happening two days after the full Moon. The end of summer and the beginning of fall symbolizes the transformation many are likely to go through.

The energies around the new and full moon are likely to repeat or continue in some way, but the end result will be a total transformation and freedom. Although, some may have to wait till the second half of October when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto go direct for a final resolution. Reach out to me or any other astrologer for a natal chart interpretation if you want to know how the celestial sky impacts your life.


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