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Full Moon in Scorpio April 26, 2020

A full moon is when the Sun is directly opposite the moon. The moon receives ALL of the Sun’s light and reflects that light onto earth. The moon’s illumination is completely dependent on the Sun’s brilliance as it has no light of its own. As the moon travels through Scorpio, the Sun is moving through the sign of Taurus. Now, Taurus is a practical and receptive (feminine) earth sign. So, you will most likely feel abundant divine feminine energy while the moon is basking in the rippling deep and dark waters of Scorpio.

The High priestess represented here will bestow the gift of intuition, psychic ability, and ancient wisdom upon you. She likes to keep her knowledge and insight close to her heart. But fortunately, this beautiful full moon will inspire her to open the vault and share her prized wisdom, and magic. She will reveal secrets (perhaps deep within) that will empower and inspire you. The priestess brings with her an opportunity to clear the decks and move forward unencumbered. It is time to look deep inside and claim your truth.

Three other planets are traveling alongside the Sun in Taurus during this full moon. Uranus, Venus, and Mercury. Uranus, (the maverick) will bring surprises or maybe even shocks. Next, Venus (love and finance) will attract beauty and harmony. And then Mercury, (the messenger) will inspire ideas and may deliver messages of work or finance offers. Take a look at where Taurus lies in your chart to see how you will receive this dynamic energy.

Detective of The Zodiac

Known as the detective of the zodiac, Scorpio gets to the bottom of things. It searches out the truth and does not miss a detail. The quintessential researcher, Scorpio, will reveal the unseen and transform it in the process. Scorpio is notoriously intense and deeply emotional. As the ruler of the 8th house, Scorpio represents sexuality, death, rebirth, transformation, and purification. Meaningful connections are of more interest to you, and you may dismiss shallow or trivial interactions.

A Deep Emotional Full Moon

Pluto is the co-ruler of Scorpio. Prior to the discovery of Pluto in 1930, Mars was the traditional ruler. Pluto, also known as the modern ruler, is the truth seeker. It is deep and intense, shadowy yet feminine, deconstructive, and transformative. The transformation is ultimately empowering. In contrast, Mars, known as the God of war, is masculine and courageous. He is the soldier who will protect you aggressively, but he will also attack without warning. Mars is active, energetic, sexual and passionate.

This Scorpio full moon will shed light on the area of your life that needs purifying. Think of the Phoenix rising up from the ashes transformed and purified. It soars high up to the clouds in full glorious magnificence. The power, strength, and beauty it displays signify a brand-new start.

This heavenly sultry moon in Scorpio will afford you the opportunity for a new beginning. It is a rebirthing period that offers the chance to re-evaluate any behaviors/habits, relationships, job/career, or location that no longer works for you.

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Keep in mind that both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. That means it will be hard to change your perspective or to persuade others to change theirs. Look at where you have a fixed opinion or idea and see if you can open your mind to look at it from a different angle. Practice being open and consider other points of view. Imagine yourself in someone’s shoes and how it may feel with a different set of circumstances. Imagining how others feel is empathy.

If you have a friend, colleague, lover, or family member who consistently makes you feel terrible or constantly hurts your feelings, then this may the time to let them go. You don’t have to be dramatic about it, but you can be scorpionic and retreat quietly into the background. Keep in mind that you may feel intensely sensitive during a Scorpio full moon. So, take an honest look at the situation and strive not to react emotionally. Besides, everyone feels slighted at some point. Nonetheless, it is when someone repeatedly and intentionally crushes your morale that you must find the courage to move forward without them. Use this occasion to clean out your emotional closet


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