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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

A supermoon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, 2021, gave most of us an emotional shake-up. The new moon solar eclipse on June 10, at 6:53 am EDT @ 19 degrees, and 47 mins of Gemini will be the catalyst to address whatever came up for you since the lunar eclipse.

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New moons are when the Moon is right next to the Sun, occurring approximately two weeks after a full Moon. They represent new beginnings. On the other hand, eclipses are usually a wake-up call of some kind to push us in a new direction. With this solar eclipse, that force has intensified, but there’s a caveat because it’s happening in Gemini; you must make a significant decision.

This choice might be where to live, which job to take, how much to ask for, what school to attend, or who no longer brings me joy. So see where 19 degrees and 47 mins of Gemini lands in your chart determines the area of life this solar eclipse will affect. Nonetheless, you will feel the effects of this eclipse for the next six months.


Gemini and the twin energy


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Gemini is represented by the twins signifying dual energies, a decision. Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini. It is the communicator and the thinker. Currently, Mercury is retrograde, giving you pause to contemplate, and consider your options without urgency. As Gemini is a mutable sign, you may feel a sense of insecurity or instability during this eclipse because nothing seems inevitable. Striving for clarity is the objective. Over the past year, our values and priorities have shifted because of what we have collectively gone through. Some of us have re-evaluated what is truly important to us now. This series of eclipses is asking us to let go of something or someone. It is most likely someone who no longer fits in our lives, and we are ready to push them out, leaving them in the rearview mirror.

What else is happening at this solar eclipse

At the time of the eclipse, there are three planets and the north node in the sign of Gemini.

  • The Sun, Moon, and Mercury conjunct in Gemini

As mentioned earlier, this eclipse is a wake-up call. That said, all eclipses are about shaking things up, but this one, in particular, is presenting a clear choice from now on. Interestingly, there’s a fork in the road, and you have a decision to make, one that is likely to shape your future for years to come. Now, because this solar eclipse is happening in Gemini, we are dealing with twin energy. So, there may be several options on the table. At the very least, there will be two decisions to consider.

Gemini is a mutable sign. Mutable energy is malleable, ever-changing, and creative. Mercury (rules over Gemini) is the messenger who will bombard us with information from all directions. We will have a hard time deciphering the truth from fiction, so we must discern what to believe. Meanwhile, take note of your internal dialogue. Ask yourself, is this thought helpful? Is this thought kind to me? Is what I’m thinking positive or negative? Monitoring your internal dialogue has never been so crucial as it is right now. If you can operate at a higher frequency, you will make better decisions.


  • Neptune square to the new Moon and Mercury
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A square aspect is analogous to Mars, which means it’s both energizing and combative. There’s tension and a push-pull kind of energy at play. Neptune in Pisces is creative, dreamy, visionary, spiritual, sensitive, and idealistic on a higher frequency. On the other side, Neptune can be deceptive, delusional, defensive, deceitful, misleading, and downright confusing. Everything you hear is most likely biased, and indeed you will not be able to tell what is the truth and what is not. For the moment, it is better to sit on the sidelines and observe.

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Neptune square to this eclipse will change your course. You may have an offer on the table that seems solid and confirmed, but Neptune will swoop in and take it away without warning. On the other hand, you may feel like you’re in a waiting room where a door is slightly ajar, and you get a glimpse of what is on the other side.

It looks heavenly; as you’re about to walk through, your hand slips off the handle, and it closes with a click just out of your reach. The disappointment in these situations can be jolting.


Try to take everything with a pinch of salt, and don’t count on anything that isn’t in writing. Acceptance and letting go is the lesson. Consider, instead, stretching your creative muscle. Use these celestial energies to create something unique for your future. Maybe you’re good at writing, designing, music, drawing, painting, or another creative methodology. Whatever it is, please do it! When you are creative, you are aligning with a higher vibration. Spirit is expressed through art. We may not be able to tell whether something is true, but we can be honest with ourselves.

  • Uranus is square to Saturn

This is the second exact square of three in the year 2021. The first square between Uranus and Saturn was on February 17, the second one will occur just four days after the eclipse, and the third one is on December 24, 2021. The first square between the two planets in February was when most of us were still in lockdown due to the pandemic. We will have to see how this plays out for the square on the 14th, but there’s no doubt we are feeling it now. Remember, Uranus is freedom, and Saturn is controlling. Saturn wants to restrict, and Uranus wants to break free.

This square is likely to spur social and civil unrest. People are done with top-heavy dominating governments and corporations around the globe. They are pushing back against the rules and regulations of the elite. Uranus is futuristic, and Saturn is the past. So, it could play out in terms of leaving someone behind. It would be helpful to ask yourself, who brings you joy? What do you want? There is a significant energy shift coming down to earth—the age of Aquarius is in full swing.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini


After all, collectively, we’ve experienced thousands of years of patriarchy, and before that was thousands of years of matriarchy. We are now moving into an equal society, the golden age of Aquarius, where the divine feminine and the divine masculine are both honored equally. Haven’t you noticed how all the aquarian children do not identify with binary sexuality? I love that these young people feel the true essence of our nature, as we all equally masculine and feminine inside. I, for one, am happy to be alive during this uber dynamic time.

  • The north node

The north node is the collective conscience. It is where we are headed collectively. Eclipses always happen when the Sun or Moon is close to the north or south node. This is because the key to our happiness and fulfillment is aligned with the north node. At the solar eclipse on June 10, the north node is in Gemini along with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury (in retrograde). That said, we are faced with a significant decision that could impact our futures for years. That is why it is important to shut out the noise, like the news and social media. I mean, how can you decipher your truth if you’re being bombarded with disinformation?

Final thoughts

Neptune is very sensitive. We are likely to tap into everyone’s energy. With Neptune slowing down, ready to retrograde on June 25, its symbolism is amplified, so disappointments and betrayals are likely. But, as mentioned above, it is better to accept any change no matter how disappointing and let go of whatever or whoever doesn’t align with your values or priorities.

Make a conscious effort to align with higher frequencies since all this mutable energy will allow you to create an alternative reality for the future. Consider creative endeavors like writing, journaling, music, drawing, painting, or any other innovative modality. Luckily, Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini till June 22 and will give you pause to contemplate and be introspective.

Information and disinformation will flood in, ergo a media fast is strongly suggested. Anything that will lower your frequency should be avoided. Observe your internal dialogue. Stay out of your head. Connect your heart with your intuition to keep your vibration high. Keep in mind that the decisions you make today will impact your life for years to come.


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